My name is Nicole. I started this project because I thought of myself as someone with a lot of friends, but after living in New York City for three years, realized that I never really saw any of them. At the same time, I was coming to terms with my identity as a writer. After searching my whole life for an artistic medium, I felt that I found one; yet suddenly I had nothing to say.

I thought about the way that musicians write songs about the people they love, how painters paint portraits, even how fashion designers have muses. And I thought, in a medium so interested in the creation and description of characters, why not pull from the fantastic and colorful people that populate the world around me; especially those that I’m lucky enough to call friends in some way or another.

So, I started grabbing lunch with friends, any friends (in fact, the stranger the blossoming and execution of our relationship, the better) and I writing about them: how I know them, who they are to me, what delights them to talk about, what silly things they do with their menus as they decide what to eat. And I put them here, in hopes of doing some justice in bringing the beauty of the individual about. And in that way I hope to assert that every person in this world is worthy of being written about.

So, if you’d like to participate, contact me through whatever means are available. I’ll take your out for coffee. You drink, I write, we both revel.

Now also on tumblr: http://wordpictureswithfriends.tumblr.com/

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